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European Internet Inclusion Initiative project – April 16 , 2015

Accessibility evaluation of 30 European websites

The first evaluation of 30 European websites is now available. The data is provided as a proof of concept and to collect input on the user interface. This is the first in a series of announcements of test results. For the coming results we will add new websites and include results from new tests.

The purpose

This first evaluation is carried out to demonstrate that the automated accessibility evaluation software works as intended, and to allow for your input on the user interface. In this first communication the website score is presented.

Further details of the results behind the score is available through the reporting interface. For example for a page on the European Parliament. Please note that this is a preliminary version of the reporting tool which will yet be refined.

The score

Web sites often have a large number of pages. The EIII evaluation does not test all web pages in a site. Instead a random sample of up to 600 pages is used.

The score computation is based on the results for the individual WCAG 2.0 Success Criteria. A higher number means a better score. If the automatic tests detected a lot of potential accessibility problems, the score will be lower.

A score of 100 does not necessarily mean that the web site is fully accessible. The score is produced automatically and there are a number of important tests that cannot be covered by automated testing.

The tests of this evaluation

The tests used for the evaluation are based on WCAG 2.0 and designed to uncover possible barriers for people with disabilities. They are a combination of tests specified by the W3C community Auto-WCAG and tests earlier developed for the Tingtun Accessibility Checker.

This evaluation covers 53 tests with 133 test outcomes. Further tests will be added for subsequent announcements of evaluation results.

The next accessibility benchmarking list coming 15. May

This evaluation will cover about 10 sites from each European member states and all details of the individual test results will be made available online together with the full description of the tests.

For the next evaluation we will also include a selection of sites suggested by users. Please suggest your sites before 24. April and we will try to include them for the upcoming benchmarking list. Go to our contact page to suggest sites.

Try out our accessibility search

The EIII will provide both data from evaluations and targeted information from a tailored search functionality with support for search of FAQ records and definitions of terms related to accessibility. The following examples illustrate how this works.